GoodMills Professional is a new brand dedicated to the HoReCa channel. It offers the highest quality specialized flours, made for a specific application. Available in 5 kg packs.

Wheat flour for Italian pizza type "00"
  • type "00" dedicated to Italian pizza
  • it provides optimal stretch and structure of the dough
  • it allows you to get thin dough, which after baking has perfect crispness and taste
Wheat flour for American pizza
  • it provides high volume of yeast dough with regular structure
  • it allows you to get properly grown bottom
Extra wheat flour type 405
  • unique formula provides extremely bright color and velvety texture
  • high quality and perfect performance of baking
Wheat flour for dumplings
  • it provides bright color, optimum ductility and plasticity of the dough
  • it allows for exceptionally bright and well-gluing up dumplings
Wheat flour for waffles
  • it provides low viscosity dough, that pours well and does not adhere to the mold
  • can be obtained after baking light and crisp waffles
Universal wheat flour type 500
  • versatile, stable and repeatable quality parameters