Since the beginning of our existence, we have placed great emphasis on cooperation and dynamic development with industrial customers, large family businesses and in retail. Following the growing demands and changing needs of customers and consumers, we make continuous investments and improve technological processes. Our products are characterized by high and repeatable quality. We provide solutions tailored to the needs of process lines and strictly defined, individual specifications. We want to be seen as a partner with whom you can bond for years to come.

Comprehensive production range

Flours and specialist products

Baking flours

Retail flours

Special flours for the Horeca Channel

Ecological flours

We provide the possibility to deliver our products to the customer. Our company has specialized tankers in which it is possible to deliver several types of flour at the same time. At the customer’s request, in addition to the standard flour quality certificate, we will include a farinogram, amylogram or other result of the required laboratory test.

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