Why we exist and how we work

We have asked ourselves what contribution we at GoodMills can make so that our colleagues, our customers, the social communities to which we belong and the economy and society as a whole can emerge well from these difficult times and even stronger afterwards. With our new corporate purpose as well as our four core values, we want to make a significant contribution to nourishing millions of people in Europe – and to a better, plant-based future. Every day!

GoodMills GOODs


We learn from others, and our failures and successes to constantly improve in everything we do. We are dedicated to using our expertise to contribute to GoodMills’ success. We live up to our own high standards in everything we do. We are open to change and see it as an opportunity to improve.


We tell it as it is – we ask for and provide honest feedback. We take the long view and serve as a reliable, fair partner for our co-workers, business partners, clients and consumers. We have faith in ourselves and others. We manage ups and downs together – we take action, win and celebrate as a team.


We take responsibility for our words and actions. We have a can-do attitude and the drive to get the job done. We are goal-oriented and performance-driven. We discuss, decide and deliver.


We act conscientiously, ethically and with integrity. We treat each other with respect – as we would like to be treated. We use our resources responsibly and reduce our impact on the environment. We give something back to the communities where we live and work.

Business Compliance

Responsible behavior and adherence to the existing legal requirements are of great importance to GoodMills Group as part of the group of companies of LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligungs AG. It applies to everyone, including Executive Board, managing directors, senior executives and the employees. However, in a daily life and in dealings with third parties not only legal regulations should be respected, but also ethical values which the group of companies feels obliged to meet.

The Compliance Guideline sets forth principles regarding transparent management, ethical and correct behavior as well as handling of information/corporate property, which are binding for GoodMills Group as part of the group of companies of LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligungs AG. Each single one contributes to the proper functionality of business processes and sustainable existence of the company.

The common understanding defined in the Compliance Guideline acts as a basis for a successful and professional cooperation both internally and externally.   

Our Compliance Guideline comprises the following sections: 

  1. Compliance with laws
  2. Prohibition of discrimination
  3. Fair competition
  4. Granting and accepting of improper benefits/gifts and invitations
  5. Conflict of interest, handling of shareholdings, secondary employment
  6. Donations
  7. Sponsorship
  8. Protection of corporate property and non-public information

GoodMills Integrity Line

If you notice any behavior or circumstances in your cooperation with our company that you consider to be wrongdoing, we encourage you to do report them to us. Please use the following link to do so and report any concerns about actual or suspected misconduct that can affect our company or the wellbeing of people: GoodMills Integrity Line.

Reports can be made completely anonymously.

Compliance with the law

Prohibition of discrimination

Fair competition

Granting and accepting inappropriate benefits

Conflict of interest

Donations and sponsorship

Information management