GoodMills Professional flours are of repeatable quality, suited to proven applications and giving a more efficient effect compared to standard flours. Our solutions are based on crop innovations, optimal grain selection and milling. This allows you to produce more and the final products have even better properties and taste. All variants are available in convenient 5kg packaging.

Proven stability and repeatable quality

repeatable quality and stable baking properties

Tailored solutions of the highest quality

tailored to proven applications and always optimal baking effect

Comprehensive knowledge and competence

strict standards and production using machines from the Swiss company Bühler - leader in milling technology

Discover proven solutions for professionals

Wheat flour for Italian pizza | type 00

  • type ’00’ dedicated to Italian pizza
  • ensures optimum stretchability and structure of the dough
  • resulting in a thin dough which, after baking, has an ideal crunchiness and taste

Wheat flour for the topping | type 430

  • dedicated for topping pizza bottoms
  • prevents the dough from sticking
  • prevents the underside of the pizza from burning

Wheat flour for dumplings | type 480

  • allows the light colour to be retained
  • ensures optimal dough stretching and plasticity
  • produces extremely light dumplings that stick together well

Universal wheat flour | type 500

  • has versatile use
  • has stable and repeatable quality parameters
  • provides an exceptionally light colour and velvety texture

At GoodMills Professional we also provide advice on how to use the various options.